Lead Products

In specific industrial sectors where reliability and precision are paramount, Calder’s high-performance lead products provide effective radiation protection.


Our highly versatile lead bricks and market leading chevron rail systems offer radiation protection for medical and dental environments. Calder’s comprehensive range of lead products also includes lead blankets, mobile lead screens and lead lined doors – which are custom made to suit client specifications without compromising the protection levels at any entrance or exit points.


Nuclear power plants generate harmful gamma radiation, so any lead products installed in such facilities must protect both workers and civilians.

Products such as lead wool, lead pots, lead lined containers and lead lined safes are used, in both the main reactor structure and other areas where radioactive materials are held, handled and disposed of safely.

Calder also provides tailored solutions, including bespoke lead pipe shielding and lead castings for large and small components. Contact us for an initial assessment and quote.


Certain fields within scientific research – such as particle acceleration and isotope study – can be subject to high levels of radiation. To ensure the safety of scientists while working at the cutting edge, Calder has created a range of resilient precision lead products.

From hand held lead pots to pipe shielding, these lend themselves to numerous applications in research environments. In certain applications, Calder’s high-quality lead shot is used in the lining of storage vessels to facilitate the storage of harmful substances.

Calder is a global specialist in the design and production of Synchrotron Beamline Hutches.  Every Calder hutch is bespoke, tailored to meet the specific lead shielding requirements of our client.

For further information on lead products available for these industry sectors and others, please contact Calder to discuss your requirements.


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