Lead Shielding

In environments where total radiation protection is required for people and equipment, a safe and secure lead shielding solution is required. The high-performance products supplied by Calder provide that protection.

In addition to our bespoke lead shielding consultancy service for numerous applications, we also manufacture a comprehensive range of lead shielding products.

The unique interlocking design of our cold forged lead bricks and the different sizes available, allow them to be layered to achieve precisely the required level of lead shielding for any vessel, workspace or room.

Find out more information on our range of lead bricks.

Lead lining is used in heavy industries such as chemicals and nuclear where it can provide heightened resistance and protection against hazardous or corrosive substances.

Calder’s experience in the design, production, delivery and maintenance of lead lined vessels is extensive and ensures the safety and durability of our products.

Learn more about our vessel design,  steelwork and other lead lining capabilities.

The provision of lead shielding for pipework in hospitals, surgeries and other medical environments is extremely important, to provide radiation protection for staff and patients.

Calderlead’s pipe shielding is efficiently installed on-site, minimising disruption and creating an effective and secure barrier against radiation.

The provision of lead pipe shielding in a nuclear environment is essential to provide radiation protection for onsite personnel.

Find out more information on our lead pipe shielding products.

Our lead shielding products provide radiation protection across many varied sectors. For projects with very specific requirements, we offer a bespoke lead shielding consultancy service, advising on everything from design through to the manufacture, delivery and installation.

We have completed made-to-measure projects for several leading organisations throughout the UK. View our latest case studies – or please contact us to discuss your bespoke lead shielding requirements.

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