Radiation Shielding

Calder Lead manufacture and supply an extensive range of radiation shielding products that provide protection against gamma radiation (high frequency) and lower energy x-rays in environments where safety and precision are paramount.
To help customers avoid unnecessary costs, we work closely with them to provide cost-effective radiation shielding measures without compromising on high performance. In the majority of cases, we create bespoke solutions that meet the exacting requirements of that application

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Calder Industrial Materials’ radiation shielding used on the Royal Navy’s latest high tech fleet of nuclear submarines, Astute Class, protects the submariners from harmful radiation generated by the boats’ reactors. This is a confined and safety critical environment requiring a space efficient solution.
Safe and effective radiation shielding is provided by our products, including lead lining, lead bricks and lead wool. Calder also manufactures bespoke lead shielding to suit the exact dimensional requirements of any defence environment.
From consultation, design and manufacture through to the safe and professional installation, Calder Lead offers a comprehensive service, providing high-quality radiation shielding products for the healthcare sector.
Radiotherapists, surgeons, dental workers, vets, nurses and, of course, their patients all rely on the radiation shielding and protection of Calder Lead’s products, including bespoke lead shielding, lead blankets, lead lined doors, lead bricks, mobile lead screens, pipe shielding and our innovative chevron rail system.


Calder Lead specialises in providing high performance lead products that protect against dangerous gamma radiation generated within the nuclear power industry.
Similar to submarines, nuclear power stations house reactors that generate harmful radiation. We provide essential radiation shielding for operatives and equipment in power plants, allowing for the safe handling and transportation of radioactive materials, as well as shielding the reactor itself.
Radiation shielding for these environments and their occupants is achieved with products such as lead pots, shielded bunkers, lead lined containers and other bespoke shielding applications, which are created following consultation with our expert technicians.
Working with, or close to, radioactive materials, is an everyday occurrence for many scientists that operate in research labs, particularly in fields of study such as particle acceleration and radioactive decay.
By providing effective radiation shielding, our products – from hand-held lead pots and lead bricks to pipe shielding and synchrotron shielding – allow scientists to conduct their work in total safety. For specific applications, Calder’s tailored radiation shielding, can effectively meet the requirements of most scientific environments.

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