125 Year Anniversary

Calder Industrial Materials Ltd celebrates a 125 year Anniversary

Having dealt with an American company a few months ago and after much form filling we received a call to say “you have made a mistake”. It transpired that they were looking at the age of the company where the question asked; “how long have you been in business” we had answered greater than 200 years. Our customer was quick to point out that clearly we had added and additional zero to the number and that it should indeed read 20.  When we responded that the number was correct and that we had been trading for over 200 years he exclaimed “unbelievable that’s almost as old as America.”

This got me thinking, how old is the business as a limited company?

The original companies act was first enacted in 1862. I have always been aware that our company registration number is short because customers sometimes say the number is incorrect believing there are some digits missing. Some fancy footwork by our FD resulted in an incorporation date of 22nd January 1889 or only 27 years after the act was passed by Parliament. So we are 125 years old in January 2014!

This must make Calder one of the oldest UK incorporated companies still trading in their original line of business, which in our case is lead.  Indeed we have certainly been around for a long time having made lead shot for the Napoleonic war.  The business was located originally in the centre of Chester having moved over 11 years ago to a purpose built facility on the outskirts of the city.

  “The business is a little like Triggers broom” said MD Maurice Bailey being “exactly the same” only having had 17 shanks and 20 heads.

Calder Industrial Materials Ltd has evolved and is now a very sophisticated business using 3D design and CNC machining centres together with traditional skills but still focussed on lead for a host of new and exciting applications ranging from simple ballast to shielded experimental rooms for particle physics research. 

“We are a far cry from only using the old traditional methods of manufacturing” said Maurice “but we still cherish and use those skills every day but now we marry the old with cutting edge new.”

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