Calder & Pacific Nuclear Inc. Sign Partner Agreement

During 2010, Pacific Nuclear Systems Inc, an American Based Specialist nuclear company who have a broad portfolio of products and client base in the global nuclear industry, were looking for a partner in Europe to service their general shielding requirements and in particular for their Tru-shield® drums.  Following a search and evaluation of market suppliers, they came to Calder Industrial Materials’ Chester Facility. John Ritchie, Pacific Nuclear Systems Inc.’s Director said, “We consider ourselves fortunate to have found Calder, as we believe their demonstrated capacity and capability at the Chester facility coupled with their dominant market position as Europe’s largest Pb Recycler, give us a Pan-European platform to not only service our key customers in the UK, but Asia and the Americas as well”.

In July 2010, the two companies signed a partnering agreement for the Tru-shield® drums. Since then the two companies have worked on other projects such as the innovative lead shielded blankets and the Provenance Recycling® Lead Bank. The partnership continues to grow from strength-to-strength with new products and markets being developed.  Maurice Bailey, Managing Director of Calder Industrial Materials added “It is always a pleasure to work with Specialist companies such as Pacific Nuclear Systems Inc.  Both John Ritchie and Robert Ward, their Director of Operations are clearly experts in their field. I believe that the 250 years of knowledge that Calder Industrial Materials brings to this partnership coupled to the technical expertise of our management team enabled us to win this opportunity. I see thepartnership as being a great opportunity for both companies to increase market penetration for what is a fantastic product.”

Should you wish to know more about the products and services offered by the partnership please see the link to the Pacific Nuclear Website (  or visit the Tru-Shield® Drums Section, Blankets Section and Lead Bank Recycling Section of our website .

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