Calder Wins Second Installation and Design Contract at The Royal Marsden Hospital

As a world leader in the diagnosis and treatment of cancers, London’s Royal Marsden Hospital invests heavily in the latest technologies to diagnose and help patients fight the disease.

Early in 2011 the hospital began the project to improve its PET CT Scanner facilities within the hospital.  Due to the success of the previous installation by Calder on a Cyberknife® lead bunker in August 2010, Cuffe PLC, the appointed contractor for the job, contacted Calder for their input on the design of six new shielded rooms.

The installation required lead shielding for six rooms in the hospital.  Two rooms to house a SPECT Scanner, a PET Scanner and four labs – an isotope lab, PET uptake lab and a nuclear medicine injection room.

Calder was instrumental in the design of the shielding. Working closely with Cuffe PLC and the RPA on the project, Calder’s unique chevron rail system was the perfect solution to shield the rooms.  The chevrons were able to provide the necessary protection and were versatile enough to allow work within the existing structure of the rooms. The project required multiple room installation on the top floor which required careful planning for access and transportation of 30 tonnes of lead.

The 30 tonnes of interlocking chevron “bricks” ranging from 10mm to 17mm thick, lined the existing concrete and newly built partition walls, while Calder’s experienced installation team made sure that their configuration eliminated potential shine paths.

Additional shielding installed in an existing corrugated roof required an innovative design solution from Calder’s engineers. In addition to this, on an on-going basis throughout the install, the design team worked closely with the project’s RPA to design shielding around RSJ’s and other obstructions.

Finally, 5 sets of shielded doors (4 internal and 1 external) and 2 windows will be installed to complete the installation.

Installation has now begun on site with completion set for end of September 2011.

Another challenging and successful design and install from Calder Industrial Materials.

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