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Chimney Stacks

Calder’s range of GRP chimney stacks have the traditional appearance demanded by many local planning authorities, yet meet the needs of the modern building industry for an easy to install lightweight stack. These realistic and cost effective replicas can be quickly lifted into position, bolted to the roof trusses and finished with our lead flashing. We produce GRP stacks to suit most roof pitches and can match brick colour to your building.

If you have an exacting specification you require, please fill in the form below and return by email, fax or post to the details on the bottom of the form.

Calderstack Standard Specification Sheet

Calderstack Standard Dummy GRP chimney

  • One piece GRP unit.
  • Available in mid, mono pitch and gable end versions.
  • Two sizes; 665 x 665mm and 665 x 890mm.
  • Supplied with Calder lead flashing kit.
  • Choice of single pot and double pot designs.
  • Replica pots are available in terracotta, buff or black.
  • Buff, standard red or burnt red reproduction brick finishes.
  • White or cream reproduction render finishes.
  • Special colours and brick-slip finishes available as optional extras.




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