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Caldervent ridge and hip system

Our all-in-one roof ventilation solution features a water proof and wind proof, yet vapour permeable, membrane that seals the ridge and hip of a slated roof but allows it to breathe. The membrane is safe to handle and can be quickly installed in one easy roll-out, without special tools. This effective ventilation product eliminates the build up of water vapour and is a cost effective on site solution.

  • Each pack covers 6m of ridge or hip.
  • Equivalent to a 5mm continuous opening along the ridge.
  • Self adhesive butyl strips provide a strong and permanent bond, no mortar required.
  • Product is “invisible” from the outside after installation.
  • Works with natural and man-made slates.
  • Suitable for plain angle ridge tiles.
  • 10 year guarantee
  • Eaves protector/underlay support tray available separately.

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