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Lead Sheet

For centuries lead sheet has protected the roofs of almost every conceivable building type, its pleasing grey colour of its protective patina is a signature of towns and cities across the world. This easy to shape yet hard wearing material has outstanding weather proofing performance in all weather conditions. Calder have produced and supplied in excess of 1,000,000 tonnes of rolled lead to the UK construction industry. Our rolled lead sheet is manufactured to BS EN12588 to ensure its consistently high quality, flexibility and durability. Every Calder lead roll is 100% recyclable and has the following properties:

• Melting point: 327.4°C • Density: 11.34g/cm3
• Atomic weight: 207.2 • Co-efficient of linear expansion:
0.0000297 per °C
• Atomic number: 82 • Thermal Conductivity: 34.76W/m °C

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