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Patination Oil

Specifically developed for the industry by Calder on behalf of the Lead Sheet Association. Patination oil minimises unsightly staining and imparts a pleasing appearance to newly applied lead sheet and flashings.

Occasionally the patina formed on lead looks patchy and unattractive. In rainy or damp conditions new lead will quickly develop an uneven powdery white, non-adherent coating of lead carbonate, a corrosion product, which is aesthetically unacceptable. The staining of tiles and brickwork spoils the overall appearance of the building,

Patination Oil will minimise this uncontrolled formation of carbonate, improve the hygiene of the job AND impart a pleasing appearance to the lead both ‘before’ and ‘after’ the formation of its final patination.

  • Available in boxes only
    • 10 x 125ml,
    • 4 x 500ml
    • 4 x 1000ml
    • 2 x2000ml tins
  • 1 litre covers approximately 60m2.

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