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Lead Lined Rooms

Due to its excellent shielding properties lead is often used to shield specific rooms in the healthcare industry. Lead lined rooms are necessary in radiotherapy and radiology departments to protect staff and patients from the effects of radiation.

Why Lead Lining?

Lead has a higher density than concrete and steel and therefore is ideal where space is at a premium. For 1 unit thickness of lead lining the equivalent is approximately 2.5 units of thickness of steel and 6 units of thickness of concrete to achieve the same levels of radiation protection. Also, unlike steel and concrete shielding, lead lined rooms can be quickly and cleanly assembled and easily decommissioned, and maintain a high residual resale value .

It can be bonded to plasterboard or plywood depending on weight and then attached to shielded batons on the walls of rooms where lower radiation levels are involved such as dental surgeries, x-ray suites and CT scanner rooms. These types of rooms usually incorporate lead lined doors and lead glass observation windows.

Lead Radiation Shielding

For PET/CT, iodine rooms, brachytherapy and stereotactic radiosurgery bunkers thicker lead is required for shielding. This is achieved by installing chevron rails to the walls, ceilings and in some cases the floors of the room where the procedure will take place. Calder Industrial Materials’ modular chevron lead rail system is available in plate thicknesses ranging from 10mm to 75mm and can be supplied in lengths up to 1metre long. Greater thickness can be achieved by layering or stacking the rail. The rails are mechanically fastened to the wall of the bunker and all penetrations are covered to ensure 100% integrity of the lead lined room and effectiveness of the shield.

Using our chevron rail system Calder Industrial Materials have shielded CyberKnife® and Tomotherapy® bunkers and PET/CT suites. We have also shielded CT scanner and x-ray rooms with our lead on plasterboard / lead on plywood solutions, and consider ourselves the leading experts in radiation shielding using lead.



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