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Containers Lead Lined

For on-site storage and transport of high radiation dose rate material

In early 2011, Calder Industrial Materials Ltd and Pacific Nuclear Systems Inc signed a teaming agreement to shield / lead line the Tru-shield range of lead lined containers. This is an approved and certified IAEA TS-R 1 vented lead lined container that are ideal for radioactive storage and transport. Designed by PNSI and manufactured in the UK, these containers are in the forefront of cutting edge design and safety

They are available in a variety of materials

  • Mild carbon steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Ferallium 255

The benefits are:

  1. DOT 7A type A. IP3 certified container, manufactured under ASME/NQA-1 2001 program
  2. IAEA (TS-R-1) certified for Type 2 and type A solids
  3. Complies with UK Statutory Instrument No 1093 (2001)
  4. Containers are stackable
  5. Eliminates costly storage and maintenance associated with onsite storage high surface dose rate waste
  6. Lower surveillance and maintenance cost to site
  7. Innovative example of multi-site recycling effort
  8. Reduces risk of accidental or unnecessary radiation exposure to workers
  9. Does not require unnecessary nitrogen purging due to fixed venting using optional vents
  10. Stores material in a more physically secure environment due to mass of container and lid fastening system
  11. Containers can be loaded with retrievable packages (size of packages depends upon model)

Download TRU Shield Spec Sheet

Lead Lined Containers

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