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Lead Bank Recycling

Calder Industrial materials and PNSI (Pacific Nuclear Systems Inc.) have jointly set up a provenance recycle lead bank located in Chester in the north west of the UK.  Pacific Nuclear & Calder Industrial Materials Ltd. came together and developed a UK based central facility for the dedicated receipt and management of Pb originating in the nuclear cycle to return to the nuclear cycle for the benefit of UK Nuclear industry. Currently the bank can handle free release material.

  • Briefly stated, the concept of Provenance recycle® is to take pre-treated Pb directly, melt the Pb, manufacture into shielding
  • Products for use in the nuclear industry including but not limited to prefabricated containers for re use only in the Nuclear Industry
  • The objective is to minimise handling and/or decontamination of any Pb prior to fabrication into suitable products

Download Provenance Recycle Bank Info Sheet


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