Calder lead


Calder is the only UK manufacturer of lead wool. Manufactured on site in Chester using our unique process, our high-quality lead wool consists of thin strands of lead and is primarily used as caulking to seal joints between lead and steel fittings. 

It is also a suitable substitute for molten lead when fixing ironwork into concrete.

Supplied in a range of lead alloy specifications from 0-0.5% antimony to Chemical A, the specification of lead wool is dependent on application.

Available in 25 kg bags


Calder have a range of preformed lead funnels which make it easy to form a watertight downpipe outlet in timber or cast iron gutters.


Manufactured by skilled fabricators from Code 5 lead, Calder’s lead ventilators are designed for strength and easy on site installation. Ventilation is provided by a woven aluminium mesh.

Available in:

  • V1 – 450 mm & 600 mm long
  • V2 – 200 mm long
  • V3 – 450 mm & 600 mm long
  • V4 – “Eyebrow”