Oct 1, 2018

Calder introduces innovative heritage lead

Britain has one of the oldest housing stocks in Europe, many of them in conservation areas. There are many thousands of listed buildings such as churches, civic buildings, mills, country buildings, as well as stately homes and museums. They are all part of our nation’s famous and very special heritage which needs to be preserved for as long as possible.

Environmental conditions and outdated building techniques have led to the need to develop new, innovative solutions to help preserve these historical structures.

Innovative and authentic, Calder’s Heritage lead is the perfect product for restoring historic buildings. Coated on one side with tin, the lead sheet has been developed specifically to meet the requirements of historic building and monument conservation by combining the advantages of both metals.

Speaking about this new product, Calder Commercial Director Martin Armour said “Condensation, poor ventilation and the aggressive tannins in many woods often cause problems for roofs and façades on listed buildings. Our Heritage Lead product is especially suited to such applications. The tin coating on the underside of the lead ensures reliable protection without affecting the authentic look of the top side. Heritage lead thus offers extra durability within the constraints of listed building conservation and the capability of fitting lead in places where current best practice cannot be achieved”

For further details or technical advice please contact heritage@calderlead.co.uk or phone 0191 482 7350.