Mar 22, 2019

Calder Lead CPD

In the past year our Technical Team has been out and about to present our CPD on the design and specification of rolled lead sheet in construction. Our informative CPD gives attendees a history on the use of lead sheet and information on its many architectural applications in construction.

Recently, Darren Tutt, our Head of Technical Service was in Manchester to meet architectural practices Purcell and BDP and then on to a breakfast CPD at Hertfordshire Building Control in Welwyn Garden City.

We’d like to thank everyone involved for participating in our sessions and to date we have received some brilliant feedback from event organisers.

‘Thank you to @Calderlead for their seminar on Lead Sheet Specification and detailing this morning. A thorough and interesting presentation, plus a delicious breakfast!’

Hertfordshire Building Control on Twitter.

If you would like to request a similar CPD session or require any technical support on the use of rolled lead sheet in roofing, please get in touch with our team on 01244 393710 or by email at