Aug 2, 2019

Burnley Town Hall - From Little Acorns...

Stewart Roles of Church, Castle and Cottage recently shared his completed work with us at Burnley Town Hall. This unusual project saw the bespoke covering of a lead acorn at the summit of the clock tower using Calder Milled Lead Sheet. Stewart shares his journey here with us.

‘’I was basically given a 'blank canvas' to elaborate on. The acorn sat at the pinnacle of quite a prestigious aspect of the building and simply covering it in lead just wouldn’t do it justice in my eyes. After some careful thought and deliberation I decided to reference some surrounding lead roofs that I could see from my vantage point.’’

Stewart went on to tell us: 

’One of these roofs had an arch detail which I thought would look great if I could incorporate it somehow. It seemed a logical approach to somehow reference other lead detailing nearby.’’

An artisan at work

Left: Pre-formed left panels Right: Taking shape

Stewart went on to present his design ideas to the client, who were happy for him to add a little bespoke embellishment to the acorn.

’I decided on a fish scale shingle design, which would not only cover the acorn, but would also clad the collar beneath it, bringing a continuation through to the main part of the lantern.’’

Stewart used Code 5 Calder Lead along with Calder’s Grade A Building Paper, stainless steel strap for his clips in the welts and oiled everything with Calder Patination oil before and after fitting.

We are sure you all agree, Stewart has produced a stunning piece of work that will now sit proudly at the top of Burnley Town Hall for many years to come.


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