Calder healthcare


The high-energy x-rays used in radiotherapy and oncology demand heavy duty lead shielding.

Calder Healthcare is the European market leader in the design, manufacture and installation of radiation shielding for healthcare applications. Our chevron rail system is the industry standard, offering heavy duty lead shielding for high energy radiation used in radiotherapy, oncology and PET/CT facilities and brachytherapy suites.

The lead chevrons interlink to form a complete shielding solution with the elimination of any shine paths.

The lead thicknesses range from 10 mm to 50 mm in lengths between 450 mm and 900 mm long and are 100 mm high. The maximum weight per chevron is 26 kg for ease of installation. Where very high energy shielding is required the chevrons can be layered to any required thickness.

The chevron rails provide additional flexibility, as they can be fixed to existing brick or block walls, or used to create a free-standing shield structure 15 mm to whatever thickness is required.

Plate thickness ranges from 10 mm to 75 mm and can be supplied in lengths up to 1 m long. Greater thicknesses can be achieved by layering or stacking the plate.

A major advantage of using lead instead of steel and concrete shielding, is that it can be quickly and cleanly assembled and just as easily disassembled when decommissioned. The lead can then be either reused in another bunker or room or sold as a valuable commodity. Depending on market conditions the customer may achieve a return of more than the initial purchase cost which makes this system not only environmentally friendly but cost effective as well.