Calder Nuclear


One of the most recognised shielding products is the lead blanket. Built to last, this strong and durable product incorporates lead sheet shielding, offering the optimum and flexible solution compared to lead wool, eliminating gaps, shielding sagging and increasing attenuation.

Calder Nuclear have expertise in offering a range of shielded lead blanket solutions to the nuclear and x –ray shielding markets. Our lead blankets are highly flexible and are manufactured in a multitude of sizes, shapes and weights for effective shielding over and around radioactive components. They are used in countless applications across the nuclear industry.

Our heavy-duty, flexible, non-flammable and easy to decontaminate lead blankets, provide lead shielding against gamma radiation produced in a nuclear environment. The lead blankets can be hung, laid down on the ground or wrapped around radioactive pipes or valves.

Conventional lead blankets use lead wool to provide shielding; however our lead blankets are manufactured in a unique manner that offers the same flexibility as conventional lead wool blankets but also guarantees complete shielding properties, with the elimination of gaps and voids present in the lead wool.