Calder lead


Lead is one of the softest metals and does not work-harden when worked at a wide range of temperatures. Lead can therefore be shaped, or bossed, without the application of heat, by a skilled worker using simple hand tools.

Calder offers an extensive range of wooden and plastic lead tools including:

  • Flat Dresser: dresses lead sheet flat when setting out and fitting lead in position
  • Bossing Stick: the primary tool used for shaping lead sheet
  • Bending Stick: favoured by lead workers for detailed bossing
  • Bossing Mallet: used with various sticks when extra force is needed
  • Setting-in Stick: sets in fold lines, may be used to finish fitted lead work
  • Chase Wedge: used to finish lead work in position and for setting in


Lead burning or lead welding is normally used when bossing is likely to cause unacceptable thinning of the lead sheet. 

Calder’s portable Oxy Turbo gas welding kit uses an oxygen and acetylene mix, making the in situ shaping and jointing of lead a simple job for the skilled operator.