Calder healthcare


For CT installations, shielding equivalent to 1.5 mm lead or more may be required. For installations other than CT, shielding equivalent to at least 1 mm lead at 100 kVp is required.

Calder’s standard panel sizes are 600 mm wide by 2400 mm in length. They are manufactured by bonding under pressure BS EN 12588 lead to plasterboard or plywood. During installation, the panels are mechanically fastened to either an existing wall or stud partition. When installing to an existing wall, a leaded batten is fastened to the wall at 600 centres, which the lead panels are then fixed to. On a stud partition a lead strip is bonded to all the vertical studs, before the panels are fixed.

Leaded battens and lead strips are introduced to cover the butt joints of the panels, stopping leakage between the panel edges.

For shielding above 2400 mm in length, a horizontal leaded batten or lead strip is installed, which covers the joint between the panels. These are also used when fixings/penetrations are needed to be shielded.

Calder’s lead lined panels can be supplied for install by others or we offer a guaranteed leak free, expert, on-site installation carried out by our experienced installation technicians.