Calder Nuclear


Calder, the last remaining producers of cold forged lead bricks in the UK, produces economically and effective forms of lead bricks which are used by the nuclear industry to shield rooms, walls, chambers or cells.

Our lead brick shielding provides the best choice for the erection of both temporary and permanent shields or where storage areas are required, offering you the flexibility in your design and construction choices.

Lead bricks are ideal for adding additional shielding to existing rooms and can be used in new construction, as a method to reduce wall or ceiling thickness to achieve space savings. They are commonly used for shielding, when sheet lead is impractical or not available in sizes or thicknesses you may require.

Our two shielding systems use individual bricks of 50 mm or 100 mm thickness, which are designed to lock into the surrounding lead bricks. The unique design of the bricks enables them to be layered to achieve the thickness of shielding required.

Our high quality cold forged bricks weigh between 2.8 kg and 17 kg dependent upon their size and function. This relatively light weight makes on site fabrication simple and safe.