Calder healthcare


Calder Healthcare offer premium quality, highly transparent and bespoke lead glass windows to fit any size of structural opening. They provide excellent protection from gamma and x-rays and enable the x-ray technician to safely observe the patient during the imaging or treatment process.

  • Calder Healthcare's lead glass complies with EN 61331-2
  • Lead lined window sets manufactured to comply with The Health and Social Care Act 2008
  • Approved by UK Radiation Protection Advisors
  • Variety of privacy options available
  • Choice of finishes to match existing decor
  • Finish choices include impact-resistant and antibacterial
  • Pre-built for a perfect fit to minimise problems on-site

Calder lead lined window sets are custom-made for any radiation environment with a range of options to choose from. They comprise a lead core hardwood frame, with lead glass and hardwood leaded architraves.
Each window set is made in our workshops and pre-assembled to save time and effort on-site, and can be specified to any size or shape – the maximum glass size is 2400 x 1100 mm, with larger openings jointed with a lead lined mullion.
Lead glass up to 3.55 mm Pb equivalence per sheet is available, with higher values available by layering panes together to form a multi-ply panel. 


Our hardwood window frames are supplied unfinished, primed or lacquered (antibacterial lacquer also available). Acrovyn or PVC wrapped frames offer even greater impact and hygiene protection.
We also supply steel window frames either painted in a choice of RAL colours or a polished finish.

Incorporating lead glass into double and triple glazed units gives the window additional fire, sound and impact resistance, plus shatter and laser proof options. 

For patient and operator privacy, glass can be layered with a choice of films. Alternatively, liquid crystal glass can change from completely transparent to opaque at the flick of a switch. Operated remotely from anywhere in the room, LCD switchable glass is far more hygienic than traditional blinds.